Free Mindfulness & Relaxation Event on 14th October

To celebrate World Mental Health day join us for a free Mindfulness therapy session on the 14th of October 2016.

relation-event-2016The Oaktree Clinic is celebrating World Mental Health Day by treating all those attending to a 20 minute free session of the famous Mindfulness therapy with tea and Prosecco on Friday the 14th of October.

Our therapist, Bilquees Kamal will lead attendees through the steps to achieving relaxation and learn about how to bring about lasting positive effect on mental health.

In recent years Mindfulness has gained tremendously in popularity for good reason. For those who are less aware of this therapy: Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing awareness of the present moment, with calm acknowledgement and acceptance of feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. This helps a person to deal with difficult thoughts rather than forcing them out or denying them hence reducing mental stress.

Our mind and body can be trained to work in tandem and harmoniously. Making mindfulness a part of our life needs training and will not happen overnight. Like any other skill, mindfulness is one that requires motivation and practice but once the skill is mastered those who practice it do not ever want to stop practicing it regularly. The more you work at it, the easier it will be to use this technique when negative mind state is encountered.

Amongst other benefits, mindfulness will help you to:

  • Stay focused on the present task, and help you manage distraction
  • Find a sense of calm amidst a stressful life
  • Greater awareness of internal resources (e.g. self-control, tenacity, etc.)
  • Cultivate resilience to resist low mood and poor self esteem
  • Improve listening and communication skills

If it feels like this can help you with your life, then feel free to join us on Friday 14th October. We will see you here at the clinic.

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