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Good Mental Health & Wellbeing Enhances
Performance at Work

Occupational Health Services - Facts about Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Improved mental health can boost the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, directly impacting the performance of the entire business.

UK Workforce

1/3rd Employees suffer from diagnosed Mental Illness

Cost of Poor Mental Health for Employers

Loss to employers due to mental health problems amongst employees  

Benefits of Caring for Employees’ Mental Health with Occupational Health Providers

£1 Spent = £5 Gained
Good Employee Mental Health from employers efforts

Low Absenteeism Low Presenteeism, Low recruitment costs

Simple Changes & Commitment to Mental Wellbeing Can Make a Difference

As an Occupational Health Provider, Oaktree Connect is Efficient, Clinically Excellent and Easy

We can provide effective online clinical services, advice and support for the management of the most complex situations to low intensity counselling and care for employees, all under one umbrella service.

Mediation & Advice
Training for Employers and Employees

  • Minimise your Costs and Enhance Performance
  • Minimal Waiting times for assessment
  • Prompt Occupational Health Report Writing
  • All manner of counselling, mentoring and coaching, under one roof
  • Simple electronic referral
  • Automated Invoicing process
  • Track your referral online
  • To find out more about how our occupational health services: Get in touch

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