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Some of our clients have been kind enough to confidentially share some of their thoughts about us on NHS Choices, Doctoralia and our Facebook page

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Testimony from Michelle, Birmingham


Review from Michelle


“After being thrown around NHS services for 15 years I booked at Oaktree to try and find some consistency and continuity for multiple mental health disorders.

From the first appointment Dr Singh made me feel welcome, validated and not crazy or irrational. The first person who supported MY treatment goals and not ones easy to manage for the clinician. I have been with them over 7 years and have a personalised, caring and supportive Dr, who actually listens to my issues and works with me to find the correct treatment, I have been through many difficulties such as a difficult divorce and family courts, death of my mother, extensive home works and ongoing building problems that would have swallowed me whole without the support from this clinic.

I have had 2 breaks from treatment due to my inability to fund private costs and Dr Singh worked tirelessly for 18 months to get my medication via shared care fighting my corner and even finding me a GP herself to switch to who would accept this. The clinic also reached out to me when I had lapsed in my appointments and did absolutely everything in their power to get me seen and accommodate my needs at the time.

They have always gone above and beyond for the money I have paid over the years and have supported me
in many ways, reports on my condition with my workplace, assesment of my role and letters of recommendation when I required help during COVID restrictions. Having someone like Dr Singh and her clinic fighting my corner truly feels to me a key reason why I’m still standing today. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. There is so much more I could say singing their praises.

I was initially very anxious about the change from in person services to remote appointments as I find change so hard but I have settled into the new system well despite my initial aversion with few issues, this is now seamless.

Thank you Dr Singh and all at the Oaktree Clinic for bringing light in my darkest times, hope in the hopeless and more than anything seeing myself as a valuable human being trying my very best in the mist of such crushing illness.” 
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Some of our clients have been kind enough to confidentially share some of their thoughts about us on NHS Choices, Doctoralia and our Facebook page


“Brilliant service, Doctor was so caring and compassionate, she has totally changed things for me and I can now try and get on the right path! Its a lovely environment to be in and everything was exceptional!”

“Relaxing environment, caring and efficient staff. I felt listened to and well supported. the doctor was easy to talk to and very understanding. For the first time I feel I am beginning to get to the bottom of my issues.”

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“Brilliant caring service”

“The doctor I saw was wonderful, they diagnosed my condition and explained everything to me. They are kind and compassionate. Its a lovely environment in the clinic, and i know i have the best care and treatment.
Thank you to all of the staff at the Oaktree Clinic”



“Great service! I was very apprehensive about spending money with another online service, as I had been let down by one before. However, I am very pleased to say that Oak Tree Connect really makes the effort. The customer service is second to none, and Dr. Swamy was very understanding and professional when it came to asking about my prescription. He said the email to the online pharmacy had already been sent, making it a very streamlined service through and through. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”  See review on Google


“I can strongly recommend the Oaktree Clinic to anybody looking for psychiatric or psychological support.

Oaktree Clinic has made such a difference to my quality of life. My Psychiatrist Dr Singh was very knowledgeable during my initial diagnosis -which came at a time when I was struggling significantly with my mental and physical health. Dr Singh demonstrated real sensitivity and expertise in exploring with me my symptoms of ADHD. In the years following my initial diagnosis in early 2022, Dr Singh has been incredibly supportive of me as I have navigated issues around addiction, dependency, anxiety and many of the neurodivergent symptoms of executive function impairment typical of adults with ADHD.

Coming to an understanding of how to cope, and how to benefit the most from careful considered prescription medication, I have always safe and comfortable with Dr Singh’s guidance on both the physical and mental effects of medication and any side-effects.

Managing ADHD has been an ongoing process; my regular review appointments with Dr Singh continue to build confidence in her expertise and in the course of action prescribed -which has changed and adapted as life has developed.

Having only been diagnosed at 42, I had thought it would take a long time to come to terms with my symptoms, but different team members at Oaktree definitely really helped accelerate my progress with the right medication, and the right dosage under careful monitoring.

I continue to receive psychological therapy with Dr Konstantinidou, who is the best therapist I have ever worked with. Her expertise, knowledge, approach, and style of communication are truly first-class; she really seems to understand my schemas, my modes of behavioural response, the basis for maladaptive patterns of behaviour and unhealthy self soothing practices; she seemed to ‘get me’ very quickly and sensitively. This has immeasurably helped engender an understanding of my psyche, and beyond understanding to build strategies to cope with anxiety, sleeplessness, hedonism, and various addictive and compulsive tendencies that have made life difficult fro me at times.

She challenges me to think deeper, to explore my deviations from ‘my happy child’ state and does so without judgement. Honestly she has helped me so very much it feels like she’s a gift from the heavens! I could not recommend Oaktree and it’s team highly enough. Don’t waste time and get in touch. It will change your life!”   See review on Google

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One of our rTMS patients, Mrs M, Birmingham

“I first heard of rTMS treatment through the internet and when I did more research, I felt it would work better for me than medication.

As a recipient of rTMS at Oaktree Clinic, I have been on a course of treatment for 4 weeks. The experience was relaxing & took a little over 30 minutes a day, which was easy to add into my daily routine.

From the beginning of receiving TMS I noticed a calmer mood and much improved sleep. I have had uninterrupted sleep for several nights since starting rTMS treatment, which has not been the case for over 30 years.

The treatment has fulfilled my expectations and I do not have to go on antidepressant treatment as my mood has improved significantly.”

Other Reviews

“I liked the environment and vibes at this clinic. The staff is so warm and welcoming. You feel safe and comfortable to discuss your difficulties. I would recommend this clinic to anyone with emotional issues.”

“Oak tree clinic was easy to find, staff were friendly and welcoming upon arrival. I like the professionalism of the staff and clean and quiet surroundings whilst inside”

“The session is always therapeutic”

“I felt comfortable to talk”