Fees for Other Services


There may be additional fees payable after your assessment, for which you will receive an invoice: for example, for the costs for prescribing medication agreed between you and the psychiatrist at the time of assessment. We try our utmost to stay within the time allocated for the appointment however, you could be charged for any extra time spent in the consultation, if the meeting runs over the allocated time, or where communications with you or reviewing notes etc. exceeds what is deemed reasonable, but this is at the discretion of the clinician.

Support Letters

If you would like your psychiatrist to write a letter for your employer, legal professional, or other third party services, you can pay on your portal.

If you are unsure on whether you require this service, what it includes, or how to book it, call a member of our administrative team on 0121 314 3456 and they will be able to provide you with more information.

Fees: £175

ADHD Packages (General Adult Only)

All Packages

ADHD Diagnosis, Investigation and Treatment Initiation Package

Initial assessment 75 minutes + blood tests and reporting (not including ECG) + 1st follow up appointment for starting medication + prescription charge (not including cost of medication)


Online – £895

Face-to-Face* – £995

ADHD Titration Package

3 x 15 minute ADHD follow up appointments 

1 x 15 minute ADHD follow up appointment free if titration takes longer than 3 appointments 

3 x CD prescriptions 

Fees – £550

ADHD Follow Ups

5 minutes- £135 (Part of Titration Package only)

30 minutes- £185 (All non-package ADHD follow ups)

Fees – £75

*If you would like to book a face-to-face appointment, please call us on 020 39277699

Investigation Packages

Investigation package 1

Fees: £185

All inclusive blood Investigation including: 

Blood collection at home 

Reports seen by a doctor 

Reports sent to Oaktree Practitioner directly 

Investigation package 2

Fees: £150

Blood investigation including:

Blood Collection at a registered clinic 

Report sent to Oaktree without our partner’s doctors seeing the report

Prescription Charges

If both prescriptions are required at a single consultation then you will be charged for the controlled drug prescription only.


All prescriptions cost £25.