Training for Legal Professionals

Training for Legal Professionals


Courses for raising mental health awareness & management strategies for Senior Managers:

  • Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers
  • How to Recognise & Manage Early Signs of MH Issues in Employees
  • Employer’s Do’s and Don’ts with an Employee with MH Issues

For Employees

  • Recognise and Manage Stress
  • Stress Management Programme

Disorder Specific Training:

How manifestations of mental disorders can present in legal scenarios 

These are customised courses where we can deliver training on how mental disorders can present in legal scenarios and share our knowledge from the previous cases where we have provided expert witness reports.

Oaktree Assessment Tool

iphoneOur Oaktree assessment tool (OAT) can help you decide whether to seek diagnosis and medical treatment from a Psychiatrist online, to seek talking therapy, or if self-help may suffice. It is not a diagnostic test.

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