Almost everyone will experience stress throughout their lives. Stress is the body’s reaction to being faced with any threat. However, it is a disorder when stress affects your daily functioning and relationships with the people around you.

Facts about Stress


91% of adults in Australia reported feeling stressed regarding at least one important aspect of their lives.


74% of adults in the UK reported having felt so stressed at some point over the last year that they felt unable to cope and overwhelmed.


More than a third of people in the UK feel stressed for at least one full day per week.


However, when we perceive threats constantly it makes it difficult for our mind and body to cope and function, it begins to feel that things are not in our control.

Experiencing increased levels of stress over a long period of time can lead to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, often referred to as burnout. Our brains and bodies are flooded with chemicals that can make us feel tired, irritable, unmotivated and low in mood. it becomes a disorder.


Once you have identified that you may be experiencing stress, there are a range of ways that your healthcare professional can help you alleviate symptoms. You can learn how to reduce stress and decrease the risk of being overwhelmed by ongoing demands of home, work and family life. Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, will support you by improving your well-being. This will include supporting you with:
  • Splitting up big tasks into manageable chunks
  • Planning ahead so the unknown becomes more understood
  • Taking time to show yourself love and compassion
  • Getting more active
  • Talking to a professional you can trust

Oaktree Assessment Tool

iphoneOur Oaktree assessment tool (OAT) can help you decide whether to seek diagnosis and medical treatment from a Psychiatrist online, to seek talking therapy, or if self-help may suffice. It is not a diagnostic test.

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