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We Listen, We Treat, We Care

We are an eminent mental health service with top online private psychiatrists, private psychologists and therapists, who provide a range of psychological and psychiatric consultations. We can see patients all over England and Wales. We see people online and in person. Our platform is powered by cutting edge, secure and intuitive technology to make Mental Health treatment more available, accessible, and affordable to people in England and Wales.

Oaktree Connect Mission

‘Just as the acorn contains the mighty Oak, the Self has everything it needs to fulfil its destiny. When the inner conditions are right, it naturally emerges.’ – Derek Rydal


Oaktree Connect is a National online and face-to-face mental health clinic with top psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. We have brought together cutting-edge technology with mental health care to all, irrespective of age, culture, language, ability, income for UK residents. Our mission is to provide wide range of highest quality, traditional evidence based mental health services including assessment, investigations, diagnosis, medication and talking therapies of mental health conditions, alongside safe and up-to-date treatments, as a national centre of excellence.


We know that technology is important, at Oaktree Connect we used it to enable high quality clinical work by our mental health professionals who aim to empower people who experience mental health problems through accurate diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care. We endeavour to make seeking care easy, accessible, to go on to making informed choices to improve the quality of their lives and recover.


The services are “end-to-end”, multi-disciplinary, multi-professional to make it simple and seamless for the users, our patients and practitioners, both in the short and long term. This is unlike the current provision of services within the private sector which is quite clearly fragmented and sometimes not evidence based. Our care also extends to the clinicians who work with us as we provide a safe environment for them to work in and encourage ongoing learning and development. As an organisation we campaign against the stigma of mental illness so that it can be treated as the same as any other disease.


At Oaktree Connect, our mission is to offer high quality clinical services to people of all ages without discrimination based on personal or cultural attributes. Our services include an assessment and online psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, and care.


We also offer a variety of psychological therapies online. These include CBT, compassion focused therapy, patient centred therapy, EMDR for psychological trauma, and DBT for those who suffer from emotional and/ or psychiatric disorders.


With an expert team of dedicated private psychiatrists, private psychologists, other clinicians, and administrative staff, we work with patients and their GP’s to support a smooth recovery, help prevent relapse, and improve their level of social & occupational functioning. We have psychiatrists with specialist expertise in neuropsychiatry (ADHD, sleep disorders, non epileptic fits, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), eating disorders, and liaison psychiatry. Our psychologists hold qualifications and expertise in CBT, EMDR, and counselling.


‘We will continue to speak out fearlessly and never give up until mental health services are effective and accessible to all’ – Dr Meetu Singh, CEO, Oaktree Connect



Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to revolutionise provision of Mental Health Care online. Oaktree Connect uses cutting edge technology to achieve this and we endeavour to make services user friendly, high quality, safe, convenient, accessible and inexpensive for both, patients & practitioners.

We believe that your values should be our values, with this in mind we have provided our users the ability to hand select the clinicians we think are at the top of their profession and for patients to have full access to their own medical records.

You are at the heart of everything we do.

Oaktree operates on seven key values, and no decision is ever made without checking that they adhere to the following points:

pen, transparent, supportive

ccessible to all, convenient, affordable, non-discriminating

 nowledgeable, evidence based practice

 echnology driven, innovative



nhancing psychological and emotional well-being