TMS Success Stories at Oaktree

Responses at Oaktree

We have vast experience in rTMS treatment for a variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, OCD, having treated more than 110 patients.

Disorders that can be treated with rTMS:

  • Only Psychiatrists and Psychology/ Neuroscience graduates administer TMS treatment at Oaktree
  • We provide free online reviews with the psychiatrists during the duration of the treatment on a weekly basis.
  • Mindfulness and relaxation therapy are provided by our therapists free of charge during TMS, if required.
  • Oaktree experts are available for any phone advice during the treatment in case of any side effects

Treatment with Oaktree Partners

At Oaktree Connect, we do not cut corners for commercial success. All the mental health assessments are carried out by experts in the field, highly skilled Psychiatrists with years of experience in brain treatments


We credit our exceptional assessment and continuous care methods for this further positive outcome. Moreover, the therapeutic alliance between the patients and our medical professionals contributes to this.


Our partners at Smart TMS deliver TMS treatments from their clinics all over the UK and at Oaktree Connect, we offer followups and other support you may need from a Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

Mrs. Sarah L, Worcester

“I’ve had TMS treatment twice now – first in London, and this time at Oaktree Clinic, for severe depression. Given the cost, I felt resistant to taking the treatment, but desperately needed some hope. When TMS worked in London it was easy to forget how bad things were.


Over the years, I was prescribed a number of drugs for depression without making a dent/change in how I felt. I’ve also tried talking therapies such as CBT, psychology, NLP and hypnosis with limited but not long-lasting effect. TMS seems to be the only thing that made a real difference – and for a much longer time than anything else I’ve tried.


The change with TMS was dramatic. Despite losing 4 hours a day in travel and treatment, within 2 weeks I bounced back from stress/bad news like I hadn’t since the last round of TMS. By the end of the 4 weeks of treatment, I had energy again, was not overwhelmed by stress/fear/hopelessness, able to tackle difficult things previously avoided because I could not cope.


It isn’t so much that treatment gave me something to live for – more that I no longer feel that desperate need to have something bigger to live for because the present moment itself is less anguished or full of a pain.”

Mr Jas K., Coventry

“I was experiencing constant tension and anxiety.


After having carried out some research on the internet I had some expectation of what would happen terms of how the treatment would be administered. It was as expected.


The doctor in charge and staff were very knowledgeable about the treatment and were also very understanding and helpful all the way through the treatment period. All questions that I had were answered.


As treatment sessions progressed I could feel a definite change in the way I felt. The tension and anxiety began to fall throughout. After treatment had completed this has continued and I feel freer and lighter.


The procedure itself is very simple and straight forward. It basically involves you sitting in a dentist like chair and having device placed on an area of my head and switched on. There is clicking sound and I could feel a tapping on my head. Although it was a little jarring to begin with I got used to it very quickly and after about the 5th treatment it was far less noticeable.


Since having rTMS I have become more calmer in myself. I feel that I have less worries and my body is more relaxed as a result.”


I have had other treatments including medication and talk therapy. rTMS has been far more effective in helping me in terms of speed and effectiveness. No pills and no side effects.”