Reports, Mediation & Advice

Reports, Mediation & Advice

Our medical and psychologist experts have years of experience of providing professional and expert opinions about a variety of civil cases. 

Civil Cases

Psychiatric evaluation of mental disorders to develop condition and prognosis reports for crown court Family Court


  • For custody of children following divorce if one of the parents suffers from mental illness.

  • Abuse and neglect: Reports for use in a family or criminal court

  • Munchausen syndrome case reports

  • Domestic violence cases

We offer psychiatric evaluation of mental disorders to:  

  • Litigation following Psychological injuries due to road traffic or work place accident
  • Prepare condition and prognosis reports for crown court Family Court.
  • Mental Capacity Assessments Oaktree Memory loss and memory
  • Cognitive impairment following traumatic brain injury or due to dementia 
  • Immigration Related Work.
  • Psychological impact of deportation or detention on an individual or family
  • PTSD due to torture or prolonged abuse
  • Medical Negligence Reports regarding professional, regulatory body complaints & fitness to practice complaints
  • University performance and mitigating circumstances: assessment of effects of mental health conditions, on academic performance


Most conflicts arise from misunderstanding and communication gaps between parties. Mediation is a process through which a neutral person or organisational representative called a mediator helps the parties with a dispute, to communicate in a way that an effective resolution is found. Therefore, successful cost effective mediation would avoid stressful, expensive and unnecessary legal proceedings

Examples of the cases where Oaktree Connect experts have helped with resolving issues and prevented legal action:

  • Workplace dispute in mental health contexts

  • Family Mediation in cases of child custody and divorce

  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, dispute between parents and authorities