Burnout at Work, Dr Meetu Singh

Burnout at Work


Dr Meetu Singh, Consultant Psychiatrist


You may be experiencing burnout if you have: –

  • Decrease in motivation at work
  • Reduction in energy levels, fatigue
  • Feelings of cynicism or reduced professionalism

Burnout can be managed and prevented using techniques like:

  • Establishing boundaries between your work, personal and social life: Setting specific times for you to be engaged with work and stop it from spilling into your personal and social life is the cardinal rule to prevent burnout.
  • Taking regular short breaks and more importantly moving is vital! This improves your focus on the important tasks and prevents mental fatigue.
  • Practicing Mindfulness: Self-awareness and being present here and now is a key component of understanding your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.
  • Try some breathing exercises such as breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 7 seconds and then releasing for 8. This will help you especially when you feel overwhelmed.

However, sometimes no matter what you do the work-related stress or a mental disorder like depression and anxiety disorders that you have no control over may occur. In this case seeking professional help maybe the best step forward.

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