Oaktree Connect – Private Adult & Child Psychiatrists, Psychologists Online & TMS Experts

Oaktree Connect is able to provide online assessments, treatment and care for mental health issues in people of all ages. We are not able to provide any in person (face-to-face) appointments. 

The Oaktree Clinic has now stopped in person (face-to-face) operations from 12.12.2022, if you are an existing patient please email us on contact@oaktreeclinicmidlands.co.uk for any queries. We have emailed you with various options available to you for continuing treatment and care.

Please note:  that although we are happy to help when we can, Oaktree Connect  is a non-urgent, non-emergency out-patient service. We will therefore not be able to assist you in emergency situations. If you have urgent needs it is advisable to contact the NHS emergency services.