Dr Juhi Sharma, General Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Juhi Sharma is a Consultant Psychiatrist with an experience of over 15 years in Psychiatry. She commenced her training in the UK in 2004, working in various teaching hospitals in Greater London and the Midlands area. She also completed a further post graduation in Psychiatric Practice in order to consolidate her knowledge in its practical application. During this time, she has accumulated wealth of experience across many specialties within Psychiatry, treating adolescents, adults of working age and older adults. She has achieved further accreditation in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (Mental Health problems which occur with physical illness). Her areas of special interest include Emergency in severe psychiatric issues, and Psychosis in young adults. She is also a recognised expert in treating common Mental Health Problems in the community.

‘I am passionate about Psychiatry as an important field of Medicine. I truly believe that general well-being cannot be complete without true attention to mental health in particular. This belief makes me keen to promote mental health and well-being, and practice a broad holistic approach to treatment. On the other hand, I believe in the identity and individuality of each person, and hence am devoted to encourage people to seek help utilising and maximising their uniqueness, achieving their full potential.’

Dr Alfred White, General Adult, Liaison and Occupational Psychiatrist

Dr. Alfred White undertook his senior training in Birmingham and obtained his MD in 1981. He was appointed an NHS Consultant in 1978 and started the Liaison psychiatry unit at University Hospital, Birmingham. He acts as a Medical Advisor for the General Medical Council and has been an Examiner and now is a Royal College of Psychiatrists assessor. His other interests include Liaison Psychiatry, especially head injury and medical negligence. Dr White also has extensive experience in the medico-legal field and has a large practice. He enjoys assisting with civil cases.

‘I love psychiatry — it is all so interesting! I particularly enjoy the interface between medicine/surgery and psychiatric conditions. My main research project (MD thesis) was on burns and other trauma. Currently I have a weekly psychiatric Occupational Health Clinic, see patients at the Brain injury Rehabilitation Unit and am involved in the live donor transplantation service. I see medico-legal cases with trauma, medical negligence and employment being my special interests’.

Dr Meetu Singh, General Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Meetu Singh has a wealth of experience and skill in assessment and management of patients with psychiatric disorders. Her special interest is in treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders including adult ADHD, Epilepsy & Non epileptic attack disorder, sleep disorders, functional movement disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, conversion disorders.

‘I have a vision, that we will one day accept mental health issues just as we do any other physical health problems. I want to aid that by creating a service that is open, seamlessly integrates both these areas of medicine without forgetting that psychiatry is unique, in that we look at the person as a whole rather than just a diagnosis. I believe in the holistic approach and therefore use the cognitive behavioural and psychoanalytical approach in assessment, treatment and care. I passionately support the campaign against stigma of mental illness.’