BHSF’s Occupational Health Event, Co-sponsored by Oaktree

On Thursday, 15th September BHSF hosted a successful and highly regarded conference titled ‘Cutting Edge Issues in Occupational Health Medicine’, proudly sponsored by The Oaktree Clinic.

The jam-packed event featured talks from highly regarded members of the occupational health field. Professor Tom Sensky presented a session on the increasing prevalence of Chronic Embitterment Syndrome, a disorder that renders the sufferer so “angry and helpless” that they are unable to function on a daily basis. Later Dr. Philip McCrea talked, amongst other things, about the “separation of the ill from those who think they are ill” and the importance of accurate diagnosis and timely treatment during work life.

After lunch Dr Steve Turley, Occupational Physician, gave an interesting talk about the encroaching threat of Occupational Health Technicians and what it means for current Occupational Health Advisors. Can OHAs and OHTs coexist happily and are both required for the delivery of modern Occupational Health model?

Though a fair share of the conference’s key moments came from the the various speakers, the main element to the event was the bring together of the best people in the field. Much networking and contacts were made whilst other companies made their mark on the stalls.

After a very educational day we cannot wait until BHSF’s next Occupational Health Conference.