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Find your private psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists you can see and consult, from the comfort of your own home. No travelling, parking, nervous wait in the doctor’s reception room. 

As the client and carer you are at the heart of everything we do. We ensure that you have access to the best doctors and therapists who will see you at a time convenient to yourself.

They will provide a diagnosis and discuss a tailor-made treatment plan with you.

The treatment could be medicines for which they will provide you with prescriptions so the medication is delivered to your home address.

They may recommend that you see a talking therapist. Therapists and psychologists will talk with you about your therapy goals so you can work towards these. The therapy provided at Oaktree is focused on outcomes. We will assess your condition through use of interview techniques and also objectively through use of questionnaires. The latter allows you to follow the recovery process objectively.

 They may signpost you to an appropriate charity organisation that may support you, if required. They will continue to meet with you for follow ups on your treatment and recovery.

We provide the following services online:

  • Assessment of mental health issues including- Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Psychological Trauma, ADHD for people of any age. This list is not exhaustive, please contact us for further information.
  • Treatment- medical prescriptions, talking therapies, rTMS
  • Referral for investigations
  • Ongoing mental health care

All your Mental Health Records in a single place

You will have access to your records on your own Oaktree personal portal. Once you sign in you will be able to complete your therapy tasks, make new and follow up appointments and communicate with the administrative staff for any assistance.

As an organisation we will campaign against the stigma of mental illness so that it is treated the same as any other disease.