Teresa Prosser, Trainee Administrator

Teresa joined the Oaktree Clinic in August 2020 and is able to assist you with booking appointments, and any general enquiries you may have. She is also responsible for maintenance and upkeep of our electronic patient records. When you visit the Oaktree Clinic, you will be welcomed by Teresa.

Janette Colbridge Vaze, Senior Yoga Therapist

Janette has been working as a yoga therapist since 2003, after personally discovering yoga in 1989. Her special interests are adult, teenage and child stress management and developing individual therapeutic protocols  for patients on the autistic spectrum. Janette is also a practising Medical Herbalist and Therapeutic masseuse.

Life is not really about avoiding the hits, the cuts and the bruises. Its about living life to the fullest. Its about collecting the scars, which represent our mistakes and detours, which enable us to develop a greater resilience and a sense of joy.

Dr Sobia Rafi, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Rafi is skilled and experienced in assessing and managing common, rare and complex psychiatric and behavioural disorders of the child and adolescent population. She has worked in the inpatients and outpatient mental health services. She is particularly interested in the psychopharmacological management of Neuro-developmental disorders (ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s), Eating disorders, Self-harm, Anxiety and Mood disorders.

Dr Rafi, a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, has had a distinguished career (MBBS with honours and Alexander Mezey Award by the Royal College of Psychiatrists). She has a very diverse clinical experience in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

She is passionate about Medical Education with roles as Honorary Clinical Tutor and Lecturer on the MRCPsych course. She has Post Graduate Certification in Medical Education from Cardiff University. She is an Examiner for Birmingham University Medical School and has regularly organized MRCPsych training for Junior Doctors in Psychiatry. She has organized and delivered training for school teachers, children social workers and other allied health professionals on child and adolescent mental health related matters.

Dr Rafi practices patient focused care and evidence based treatments. She has a particular interest in quality improvement and has several publication and presentations, at national and international Psychiatry conferences (on topics including ADHD, Autism, Eating disorders). 

Dr Rafi strongly believes that working with children, young people and their families provides an opportunity to make a significant difference to their lives; as early intervention at this critical time is possible with the potential for making a lifelong difference to those being seen.

Dr Juhi Sharma, General Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Juhi Sharma is a Consultant Psychiatrist with an experience of over 15 years in Psychiatry. She commenced her training in the UK in 2004, working in various teaching hospitals in Greater London and the Midlands area. She also completed a further post graduation in Psychiatric Practice in order to consolidate her knowledge in its practical application. During this time, she has accumulated wealth of experience across many specialties within Psychiatry, treating adolescents, adults of working age and older adults. She has achieved further accreditation in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (Mental Health problems which occur with physical illness). Her areas of special interest include Emergency in severe psychiatric issues, and Psychosis in young adults. She is also a recognised expert in treating common Mental Health Problems in the community.

‘I am passionate about Psychiatry as an important field of Medicine. I truly believe that general well-being cannot be complete without true attention to mental health in particular. This belief makes me keen to promote mental health and well-being, and practice a broad holistic approach to treatment. On the other hand, I believe in the identity and individuality of each person, and hence am devoted to encourage people to seek help utilising and maximising their uniqueness, achieving their full potential.’

Dr Anupama Iyer, Child & Adolescent and Learning Disabilities Psychiatrist

Dr Anupama Iyer is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience in this field. She undertook her dual training in Learning Disabilities and Child Psychiatry in the UK and has since then worked in various inpatient settings and is currently the Medical Director at an independent hospital under the Priory-PiC group of hospitals. She has expertise in assessment and diagnosis of various neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD, ASD and Tourette’s Syndrome and is trained in the use of specialist diagnostic instruments like the DISCO. She has also trained as an Expert Witness for court.

‘I have undertaken dual training in Learning Disabilities and Child Psychiatry to be able to work with young people with developmental disorders who have been both my area of expertise and my passion. I have felt privileged in working with young people and their families at improving the quality of life and optimising the potential of young people at a very malleable time in their lives. I believe that the delivery of flexible, person centred and evidence based therapies influences positively the trajectories of young lives.’

Dr Tarun Kuruvilla, Older Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Kuruvilla is a consultant psychiatrist specialising in memory assessments, early diagnosis and early intervention for Dementia. He has a special interest in brain scans with access to the latest scanning technology such as 3 Tesla (high resolution) MRI and PET (both glucose and amyloid) scans which facilitate ruling out or the very early diagnosis of Dementia. He is funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) as a Principal Investigator for several clinical trials for newer treatments for Dementia and is joint clinical lead for Division 4 of the NIHR: West of England Clinical Research Network. He also does medico-legal reports having extensive experience in mental capacity assessments such as capacity to appoint a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), capacity to manage finances, Court of Protection reports, capacity to make a Will, etc.

‘My life mission is to dispel the stigma and fears around Alzheimer’s disease because if diagnosed early it is seen a chronic disease condition rather than as a life limiting condition. With the appropriate treatment and support one can have a good quality of life and continue to live in one’s own home.’

Dr Gautam Bettegowda

Dr Bettegowda is a highly skilled Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry with specialist accreditation in Substance Misuse. In addition to management of drug and alcohol related problems, he has experience of treating a wide variety of mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, Schizophrenia and mental health issues related to work stress and relationship problems. His special interest is in treating mood disorders.

‘I believe that each patient is unique and so work with and treat every patient according to their psychiatric, psychological and social needs. One of the achievements I treasure is being trusted and liked by my patients, whose feedback, that they find me friendly, empathic, non-judgemental & non-discriminatory has been a source of pleasure to me through my career.’

Dr Alfred White, General Adult, Liaison and Occupational Psychiatrist

Dr. Alfred White undertook his senior training in Birmingham and obtained his MD in 1981. He was appointed an NHS Consultant in 1978 and started the Liaison psychiatry unit at University Hospital, Birmingham. He acts as a Medical Advisor for the General Medical Council and has been an Examiner and now is a Royal College of Psychiatrists assessor. His other interests include Liaison Psychiatry, especially head injury and medical negligence. Dr White also has extensive experience in the medico-legal field and has a large practice. He enjoys assisting with civil cases.

‘I love psychiatry — it is all so interesting! I particularly enjoy the interface between medicine/surgery and psychiatric conditions. My main research project (MD thesis) was on burns and other trauma. Currently I have a weekly psychiatric Occupational Health Clinic, see patients at the Brain injury Rehabilitation Unit and am involved in the live donor transplantation service. I see medico-legal cases with trauma, medical negligence and employment being my special interests’.

Dr Meetu Singh, General Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Meetu Singh has a wealth of experience and skill in assessment and management of patients with psychiatric disorders. Her special interest is in treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders including adult ADHD, Epilepsy & Non epileptic attack disorder, sleep disorders, functional movement disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, conversion disorders.

‘I have a vision, that we will one day accept mental health issues just as we do any other physical health problems. I want to aid that by creating a service that is open, seamlessly integrates both these areas of medicine without forgetting that psychiatry is unique, in that we look at the person as a whole rather than just a diagnosis. I believe in the holistic approach and therefore use the cognitive behavioural and psychoanalytical approach in assessment, treatment and care. I passionately support the campaign against stigma of mental illness.’